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Terms of services

Terms and conditions

TERMS and condition OF this SERVICE APPLY TO THE USE OF THE V mining company and its website
By agreeing to the terms and conditions of this company and its website you are agreeing to the use of its service.
V mining and its website terms and conditions is the following.
  • V mining responsible for the security and privacy of its member’s data and information.
  • Operate and maintain the services provided by us the v mining to our members.
  • V mining company will start your contract 21 days after your payment is received.
  • Member agrees that v mining company shall retain sole possession and control of, directly or indirectly, and shall maintain, all digital asset mining equipment in the mining plan.
  • V mining is one of the few if not the only one that provides a two kind of mining contract.
  1. Fixed amount contract which v mining company is granting a fixed profit to the investing member with a fixed payment plan.
    • Member of the fixed plane will receive a monthly payment of the specific amount mentioned in the contract.
    • Payment can be received in USD currency or the same amount in a cryptocurrency (the amount is affected by the cryptocurrency market price).
  2. Bitcoin plan which offered a specific amount of cryptocurrency mining speed (TH/S for SHA-256 ALGORITHM) to the investing member.
    • Bitcoin plans fees and terms is :
      • Maintaining and operating fees are 0.045 USD per KW/H per day.
      • Maintain fess is fixed AT 0.045 USD PER KW/H PER DAY and will be deducted from the daily mining rewards in BTC
      • Maintenance fees are including (electricity cost, cooling, hosting service
      • Payment for the open plan to members will be BITCOIN (BTC) ONLY.
      • Daily profit for the open plane is not guaranteed because of different factors like the price of the bitcoin to USD, the mining difficulty, the operation fees (which can be controlled by us v mining company).
      • We guarantee a 100% full-time working device for our member (problems with the mining hardware, mining pools is possible but as v mining company we take the responsibility to compensation of any downtime might happen.
      • termination request of the mining plan is only possible within 72 hours from the time of the package purchase
      • V mining offers the latest and best mining hardware available in the market
      • Mining speed can be 5% (+,-) of the purchased speed.
      • V mining company and its website uses a third-party mining pools website.
      • We as a v mining company and our vminingcloud website uses Antpool mining pools to insure we as v mining company get the most profit for our members.
      • Please Acknowledge that digital mining equipment for the ( open package may not be immediately available for purchase, and power may not be immediately available to supply to newly acquire digital mining equipment and both may delay mining equipment deployment for no more than 21 days from the purchase of the package.
    • Members By signing up to the website they have the following :
      1. A member profile page that includes the information of the member and his investment plan.
      2. Member will have a mentoring page of his virtual mining plan.
      3. Member is entitled to a monthly or daily (depends on the package) payment of digital assets generated in the plan.
      4. Members shall have control over the digital assets allocated to Member’s account.
      5. Members will have access to a referral program they can use and earn by inviting people to our website.
      6. Member plans expire automatically after the period of the contract end.

Referral programs

We as a v mining company and our website glad to offer a referral program that will benefit our members.
  1. We use a referral points systems
  2. our member you will be getting 10% commission on every contract (example: if a person purchased a package and mention you as a referral you will get 10% of the price of the package he purchased.
  3. Our member will also be receiving a referral point for every USD (example: if the package is 1000 USD you will receive 1000 referral points )
  4. If you as a refere (member) reached 5000 points on our reward system you will receive a bounce package of 150 USD
  5. After the member reaches 10000 points the reward will be processed every 5000 points.
  6. Our referral program will have different ranks with different benefits that suit it.
  7. You can refer to our referral page for your referral like your code.
  • This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.
  • Taxes are objected to by each member by their country and their tax law.
  • Member has 3 days to withdraw from the agreement not further. Upon withdrawal, all funds will be returned minus 15% service fees and all mining profits earned in the time period. In order to withdraw from the Agreement, Member has to notify v mining company by contacting through the contact form on or our emails. The money will be a return to the member in no more than 21 days.
  • Any future change of the terms and condition will be announced 10 days before it applied and members will be informed both on the website and on their emails.